Friday, 27 August 2010

Datta Mohyals from Jaffarwaldattan Village


I am writing here names for the family tree of Mohyals of Jaffarwal Dattan, a village in Pakistan. I realized later that there is one village, "DattaKhel," in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) in Pakistan. Many Mohyals Datta from Jaffarwal Dattan is still remembering days of partition of Hindustan. We remember many nights and many deaths. We remember terror, murders, rapes of women and children, bleeding elders, young children, women, etc. You are welcome to correct it and inform me to help this knowledge of History. I can add like this any information shared by You. One can add a page for Kanjrurdattan also. or any other name of Mohyal Datta Villages.
Mohyal names are written by Late Sardar Iqbal Singh Datta and B.L.Mohan. Dilip Singh Datta gave me to reproduce here.

Mohyals are vibrant human beings. Mohyals sacrifice their lives for a cause. One can see the names of family trees noted by Dilip Singh Datta. It was compiled by Late Sardar Iqbal Singh Datta and reproduced here by Jaipal Singh Datta from Jaffarwal Dattan.


Datta Family


Mohyal Sabha

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