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Mohyal News

Mohyal News

                          Jaipal Singh Datta
Dear Mohyal 
I received one letter from Mohyal Biradari.
I have copied and pasted it for your information.
I think nobody stops us to start new Mohyal Sabha for the Mohyal Biradari.
Let each Mohyal be a member of one or two Sabha. 
I do not believe in criticizing. It shows jealousy, anger, and non-cooperation in united teamwork.
Let any other Mohyal come forward and unite other Mohyals. General Mohyal Sabha is not the property of anyone but it is a continuity of efforts. Nothing is constant and change is the law of nature. Do not critisize but act and develop new Mohyal Sabha.
Jai Mohyal

Mr. Devinder Mehta Ji,
                                                Jai Mohyal,
1.         I have gone through the email which was addressed to Mr. Paras Bakshi, your views are praise-worthy. But who will accept our proposals? Out of 40 GMS Elected Members, 39 Mohyals are elected by adopting the illegal method in the Election process by the mercy of Sh. B.D.Bali. Then how can they go against the wish and will of Sh. B.D. Bali.
2.         I do agree with your statement that the term for Presidentship must be fixed either two terms or at the most three terms continuously. Do you think that the other Mohyals have not thought of it, but the system is defective which requires to be corrected which is only possible if the amendment is made in the Constitution of the GMS. In this case the consent of the AGM has to be obtained.
3.         You might have noticed the improvement in every sphere in the world which is only due to the global change. Who so ever be on the post would have done better and we should not have any doubt in the creditability of our Mohyal Brothers. Every Mohyal is capable to handle the situation.
4.         We are legging behind because our younger generation is taking very less interest in the Community affairs. For this our youngsters are not to be blamed, in fact the elders are to be blamed, who have not taught / educated them properly. No doubt our youngsters are very intelligent, capable and courageous and can do better then us. A little initiative is required for bringing them on the streamline. I hope you will agree to my point.
5.         We are inviting problem and corruption by providing the maximum tenure to the members of the GMS / President. You might have experienced the person who are in the governing body since very long, out of few are not in a position to walk properly but even though they don’t want to leave the post. Why because the reason is best known to all.
6.         I would like to make it very clear that Mohyal Mitter is the property of all the Mohyals who live in India or Abroad and it is not a property of few persons. It is the only source through which the news of the community, suggestions for betterment for the community can be communicated. The matter / suggestions submitted by any Mohyal should be published in the Mohyal Mitter without any hitch because the person who submits the suggestions is entirely responsible / answerable to the community. So the Chief Editor should not refuse for publication, moreover the constitution of the GMS also does not allow any one to refuse for publication. It is observed that the matters are censored and secondly it is not published with out mentioning any reason. This proves the GMS is not functioning in a Dramocatic way but in the Dictatorial way.
7.         The Suggestions are always better for the improvement, rather the GMS should also invite the suggestions so that they may come to know the short comings and find out the solution. But it is observed instead of inviting suggestions they are crushing the suggestions made by Mohyal Brothers. This Dictatorship attitude will definitely lead towards destruction.
8.         You might have seen the letter written by Col. R.S.Bali (Rtd) published in the Mohyal Mitter of Nov 2010, in response to my suggestions. Suggestions made by me were not published even on my repeated requests whereas the comments on my suggestions made by Col. R.S.Bali (Rtd) were published. What does it reflect, the Chief Editor of Mohyal Mitter only want to create confusion in the mind of readers of Mohyal Mitter against myself.
8.         The Cruel hand of the death had snatched your younger brother Sh. Mohinder Mehta (Founder President of Mohyal Sabha of Rohini Pritampura and Secretary Youth wing GMS)  at an early stage when his services were urgently required for the upliftment of the community. He was the man who fought against the proposed candidate of Sh. B.D. Bali and he helped in defeating the five candidates of Sh. B.D. Bali in GMS Election. At that time the situation was considered to be a very big achievement. If he had been here the appearance of the GMS would have been different to the present form. We pray to the Almighty God to allow his noble departed soul to rest in peace.
9.         I would like to make it very clear that there are Mohyals who are very courageous, who can speak the truth before anyone.
10.       In the last I can say all the matters can be sorted out if we all are bent upon to do so. For this we have to request the GMS President for calling AGM so that the consent may be obtained for the amendment in the Constitution of the GMS for the following points.
(a)        Term fixed for Presidentship.
(b)        Change in the Election Process.
(c)        Criteria for publication in Mohyal Mitter.
(d)        Any other matter which we feel deems to be fit.
With regards,
(Madhu Sudan Dutta)
Life Member­–GMS
R/o 282, D-6, Sector-6
Rohini, Delhi-110085
Mobile : 9868871208, Ph.: 27044429


Friday, 17 December, 2010 12:56 PM
Respected all,
I am in the opinion that there should be a limitation of tenure for serving the Mohyal Biradri. An amendment should be suggested that GMS Elected member can serve the community for maximum tenure of 2 terms. In case he is so suitable than he has to  skip 3rd term and wait for next election i.e it will be 4th term.
Though Mr. B.D. Bali has put up long service to our Biradri and every one admires his capability and creditablity.
Now a days young generation is building the nation. Have an example of Mr. Rahul Gandhi same way the hiden talent can ben tapped through democratic way.
Hope that my point will be clear. The yes Man tenure should be limited by amending the consitution so that this type of question doesnot arise. It should not  be like 2G Spectrum issue.
Every mohyal member has the right to point out or suggest the good ways for the betterment of the community.
There may be many members like Madhu Sudan who are thinking on this line but donot have enough courage to point out openly.
Regards & Jai Mohyal,
Deveinder Mehta

--- On Tue, 7/12/10, Bakshi Paras <> wrote:

From: Bakshi Paras <>
To: "madhusudan dutta" <>
Cc:,,,,, "rajeev vaid" <>,,,,,, "ms dutta" <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "MOHYAL SABHA" <
>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "gurdeep dutta" <>, "rajeev dutta" <>,,,,,
Date: Tuesday, 7 December, 2010, 9:27 AM

Dear Shri Madhusudan Dutta ji,
                                             It has been a long practise in India that the people in power, more often than not misuse it, so it does not surprise me at all that the powers that be in G M S are misusing the trust and powers vested in to them, by us.
Shri B D Bali, in his infinite wisdom, has surrounded himself , with YES MEN, retired from bureaucracy and other governmental departments. These are the people who know how to crub the rights of other people, withhold information from from general public and are experts in leaking information which suit their masters.
Sir, I am surprised that you even thought that your suggestions will ever be published in Mohyal Mitter. How did you think that the your Ideas, which would drastically change the working and system of the apex body o Mohyal, would be entertained? The only mouth piece of Mohyal community is not to serve ordinary Mohyals like you or me. It is a tool to further the cause of a choosen few and a platform for anybody who praises B D Bali. It is a magazine for spreading misinformation and malicious intentions of groupism in a small and educated community of Mohyals.New Ideas for betterment of community, news about corruption and misdeeds of Managing Committee of The G M S can never be published in it.
Still, the effort done by you is laudable, because you have at least started a chain, which with your persistent efforts will only grow further.

                                                                            Paras Bakshi

On 3 December 2010 23:05, madhusudan dutta <> wrote:
            The Chief Editor,
             Mohyal Mitter
             General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.)
            Mohyal Foundation,
            A-9, Qutab Institutional Area,
            Jeet Singh Marg,
            New Delhi .
Sub:-    Request to publish my reply with reference to Col. R.S. Bali (Bakshi) Rtd letter published in Mohyal Mitter of  November 2010
Respected  Chief Editor,  
                                                Jai Mohyal,
1.         I had submitted the letter dated 25/08/2010 for publication in Mohyal Mitter but it was not published even on my repeated requests. On the other hand the letter of Col. R.S. Bali (Bakshi) Rtd, addressed to me and copy to GMS for information was published in Mohyal Mitter of November 2010 when no request was made in the letter to publish in the Mohyal Mitter. What does it reflect? It appears from your action that you only want to defame me in the eye of readers of Mohyal Mitter and Mohyal Community when no fault of mine, as you know well also. I fail  to understand why you are having this type of attitude against me.
2.         I don’t know from where you have derived the formula (which is not in the constitution of GMS) that the letters submitted by me for publication in the Mohyal Mitter, will not be published and the reply received with reference to my letters from any one will be published in the Mohyal Mitter.For further clarification in this regard please refer letters of Sh. Joginder Kumar Vaid, Kurukshetra (JKV/10/21 dated 10/11/2010 and JKV/10/24 dated 18/11/2010).
3.         Now I am submitting the reply to Col. R.S. Bali (Bakshi) Rtd with reference to his letter published in Mohyal Mitter of November 2010 and copy to GMS for information and Publication in Mohyal Mitter. So as to bring the facts in the knowledge of the Mohyal Community and clear the confusion from the mind of Mohyal community if it is created by the letter of Col. R.S. Bali (Bakshi) Rtd. It is requested to publish my reply in the Mohyal Mitter by applying the same method as it was applied in the case of Col. R.S. Bali (Bakshi) Rtd letters. I hope now there should not be any problem for publishing my reply in the Mohyal Mitter because the yard stick fixed for publishing the matter in Mohyal Mitter can not differ from one to another.
4.         I am sending email to Mohyals whose emails are available with me. This is for your kind information.
Thanking you,  
                                                                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                        (Madhu Sudan Dutta)
                                                                                                                        Life Member – GMS
                                                                                                                        R/o 282, D-6, Sector-6
                                                                                                                        Rohini, Delhi – 110085
Mobile : 9868871208, Ph : 27044429


Sunday, 14 November, 2010 9:20 PM
Respected CoI. R.S. Bakshi
I Madhu Sudan Dutta have received your letter dated 10th Sep, 2010 and read its contents. Sorry I am late to send you the reply as I was having some urgent jobs to be done.
No doubt you are deeply involved in GMS but you are not aware of the facts, It would be better before advising, you should go into the depth of the facts and search the answer from your conscience that "WILL BE NO".
I am not indulging in anti activity or criticizing any body but simply suggesting about the negative points those are defaming the GMS. I do agree that Mr. B.D. Bali has been performing the duty of President for the Last 33 years, so we can say he is doing good but can not say better why, because there was no comparison. Sir if you think it is not possible for me to come at par with Mr. B.D. Bali in this span of life then there are many others who can do better than Mr. B.D. Bali.
Special Note : As per Supreme Court's Website Hon'ble Mr. Justice Markandey Katju in his speech at the first anniversary of the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court in which he said that the people have a right to criticize the judiciary as the people are Supreme in a Democracy, and all authorities including judge are servants of the people, was hailed by Mr. Fali Nariman, The Doyen of The Bar in a centre spread article in "Indian Express"
Now I am quoting an example : Shri Shastri took over the command after Shri Nehru and he proved better, Similarly Smt. Indira Gandhi took over after Shri Shastri and she also proved much better and similarly this process goes on which never ends despite many mistakes luck favoured Mr. B.D. Bali till no successor / substitute has come into existence, so persons like you are praising Mr. B.D. bali for the work done. We are seeing the global change & improvement in every sphere. Before thirty years a person who was going by cycle now is going by Car. Please let me know the credit goes to whom ? In fact this goes to the global change and improvement. If somebody could have come forward to replace him then everybody could have compared and admired the person who has done better for the community.
What you have said in your letter for this you can not be blamed because you are a person from army and you are taught to take orders or give orders and nothing else. But being a civilian I have every right to say what is right or wrong. So it is my sincere request that we should change as per the time & the situation and should eradicate Orthodoxy and shift towards modernisation.
In the last I request for cooperation, support & dedication for the betterment of the community. If you go through my letter you will find my suggestions in regards for regard to widows of the Mohyal Community and follow the rules framed of the GMS constitution and stop using ill words like "Barsati Mendak". etc. etc.
With regards
Yours sincerely
(Madhu Sudan Dutta)
Life Member­–GMS
R/o 282, D-6, Sector-6
Rohini, Delhi-110085
Email : : 9868871208, Ph.: 27044429


Friday, 27 August, 2010 9:24 AM
To                                                     Dated : 25-08-2010
The President
General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.)
New Delhi
Subject : Follow the GMS Constitution & Respect to All Mohyals Community.
I Madhu Sudan Dutta (Life Member GMS) draw your goodself kind attention to some points & want to give suggestions on the above mentioned subject.
1.    I became life member of the GMS in the year 2005. At that time I was not provided the copy of Constitution of the GMS. Two days back I came to know from one of the Mohyal brother that Constitution of GMS is available on website.
2.    After going through it I am writing some of the reasons that how the managing committee is violating the rules of the Constitution of the GMS from 2004 to 2010 as framed.
3.    Managing Committee of the GMS was elected in March, 2004 & the next election of GMS was due in March, 2007 but the elections werepostponed till March, 2010 which is in violation of Article 13(c) (ii) of the GMS Constitution.
4.    Again the Election was postponed till June 2010 under article 13 (c) (iv). But you have started the election process in the month of July 2010 which is also a violation of Article 13 (c) (iv).
5.    As per Article no. 11 (c) (i) of the GMS Constitution Annual General meeting is ordinarily hold in the month of April every year, but this was not done  which is also a violation of Article 11 (c) (i).
6.    As per Article no. 14 (ix) the GMS President shall spend Rs. 25,000/- on a single item in special circumstances. But you have spent Rs. 25 lac on installation of Pratimas in the meditation hall of Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar & gave contract for Construction work  of Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan for Rs. 3.5 crores without floating tender in Mohayl Mitter (Magazine)
7.    I posted you a letter dated 01-11-2009 in which I mentioned about misuse of the GMS funds & loss to Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar & disrespect to Mohyal widows by office bearers GMS.
8.    Now during the elections Sh. Dharm Vir Mohan who is secretary General (GMS) wrote a letter to all mohyals in which they use words like "Barsati Mendak" to rest of 34 contestant other than B.D. Bali Ji's Penal "Our Team" Also they used these words for the widow lady contestant who was Ex- member of the GMS managing committee & wife of Ex-office bearer of GMS.
9.    From above points it is clear that you say something else and do something else. As you said in the annual general meeting of the GMS 2009 :–
"I am deeply concerned about the plight of our widow sisters, who not only need financial assistance, but emotional support as well. I appeal to all local Sabhas to involve themselves in this task and be ever available to wipe the tears of these unfortunate sisters".
Your office bearers, secretary-youth & cultural affairs and secretary general disrespected to the Mohyal widows. On the other side you are asking vote for the above office bearers.
10.    I Once again request your goodself & other winning contestants of the GMS election to please follow the GMS constitution & respect the whole Mohyal Biradari.
11.    I assure you that I have no bad intention and simply want to see the progress of General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.) in the right manner. In the end I once again request your goodself to forgive me if I am wrong anywhere.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

(Madhu Sudan Dutta)
Life Member¬–GMS
R/o 282, D-6, Sector-6
Rohini, Delhi-110085
Email :
Mobile : 9868871208, Ph.: 27044429

Copy to : (for information)
1.  All Contestants of the GMS election-2010
    2.  President /  Secretary, All Mohyal Sabha
    3. Editor Mohyal Mitter Magazine to Publish the objections and suggestions
         as mentioned above.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Mohyal Sabha Solan

Mohyal Sabha Solan

On 5th December at 15:30 hrs, Mohyals of Solan assembled at the residence of late Shri Gyan Chand Bali. President, Secretary, Cashier thanked Bali Family, who recently came back from a U.S. tour, for hosting a meeting at their residence. Samosa, Balushahi, Namkeen, and biscuits with tea and other snacks were served. The idea of Mohyal Ashram at Solan was discussed. Bali family wants to donate land to Mohyal Sabha for Mohyal Ashram and creating Mohyal Temple with meditation and other facilities.
All Mohyals thanked the family and wished them success and healthy life.

Photos of Mohyals at Solan

मुसाहिब से उलझ कर मुस्कराना मेरी फितरत है , 
मुझे नाकामियों पर अश्क बहाना नहीं आता /
निगाहें जिसकी जम जाती हैं मुस्तिक्बिल के चहरे पर , 
उसे मांझी की बेरहमी को दोहराना नहीं आता //

ज्ञान चन्द बाली, सोलन , हिमाचल प्रदेश , इंडिया 
Jaipal Singh Datta
Mohyal Sabha  of Mohyal World
Mohyal Sabha Solan

Mohyal Sabha Solan at the residence of Wing Commander I.K.Bali, Salogada, Solan, H.P.