Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Family Tree of Mohyals and Address book of Mohyals with Photos

Wanted Mohyals
I wanted to write Family Tree of all Mohyals to know my roots. I need pieces of information or a family tree of many Mohyals. I spent money and time serving. I realized that I can not complete alone. I need your blessings and help. Please help me and send information by post or Email to Please note that this information shall be available on the Internet and available to all Mohyals and Non-Mohyals. I shall be completing Family trees and the Address book of Mohyals with Photos.
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1.0 Family Tree of Mohyals
I went to Haridwar. My Purohit has shown me one book where names of my family elders were written. I liked it. I gave my Purohit Rs 500. I thought of writing the same information on my website. So I started web site known as Mohyal World. This site aims to create a Mohyal Family Tree of all Mohyals living in many cities and countries. I am not a software engineer. So I tried to develop a system to write a family tree. While writing, I concluded that the Male chart should be written, as women are the only incubator. Women do not have Gotra. So I wrote the family tree of males.
But I realized that no family is complete without Matri Shakti. So I had to start writing Female Tree also.
The family tree could not be completed without joining male and female charts. So I thought of writing a Marriage Chart also.

2.0 Address Book of Mohyals
I was writing addresses of Mohyals on Mohyal World. Soon I realized that it shall be too cumbersome to write all this information on one site. This site may be overloaded. So I started a new Website known as Mohyal Sabha. I wanted to write addresses of all Mohyals. To write all this, I started writing the first names and addresses of Presidents and Secretaries of Mohyal Sabha of each city. Later on, I shall write names and addresses of Mohyals living in that area. So read Mohyal Sabha for addresses of Mohyals in their respective cities. I have also added links to addresses found on General Mohayal Sabha.

3.0 Mohyals can share all information on these websites. Mohyals from different cities and countries are welcome to write and send the information for Mohyals. You can become Associate Editors, Advisors, Members of the Editorial Board or our representatives in those cities. Only you should have a flare to write and take a photograph and use the internet to send at the following address. Please write to
I am also available on Twitter as Mohyal World and on Facebook as Jaipal Datta or Bhai Mati Das.

Jai Mohyal

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