Monday, 6 September 2010

Mohyal Sabha Solan, H.P.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Chhibber hosted Mohyal Meeting on 5th September 2010 at his residence at Solan. Mr. M.R.Bali, Retd Audit Controller of Agricultural University Ludhiana, Mr. K.D.Bali Retd Director of Physical Education from Y.S.Parmar Horticulture University Nauni Solan, Mr.K.C.Bali, Ex Municipal Commissioner of H.P. President of Mohyal Sabha Solan, Mr. Sudesh Kumar Vaid Cashier of Mohyal Sabha & Mr. Jagjeet Raj Chhibber Secretary of Mohyal Sabha Solan were present. Mr. M.R. Bali donated Rs 500 to local Mohyal Sabha and Rs 500 to General Mohyal Sabha New Delhi at his 50th Marriage Anniversary. Mr. Jaipal Singh Datta donated Rs 500 to Mohyal Sabha Solan and Rs 500 to Mohyal Sabha New Delhi on the occasion of the 4th death anniversary of her mother Mrs. Satyawati Chhibber Datta. Mr. Vijay Kumar Chhibber also donated to the local Mohyal Sabha Rs 500 for the birthday of his children.
Mohyals thanked everyone and requested that there are 30 Mohyals in Solan but only 6 were present. Mrs. Vijay Kumar Chhiber offered hot tea and sweets, namkeen etc sumptuously. Mohyal thanked the lady of the house. The next meeting is fixed for 3rd October 2010.
Jaipal Singh Datta
Mohyal Sabha Solan

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